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June 29, 2009By

Last week my awesome co-worker Brooke (who is an incredible photographer AND she reads this site – everyone say hi to Brooke!) let me play around with her fancy-pants Canon DSLR. Isn’t it pretty?

365.100 - Not Mine (Yet)

We work downtown near Riverside park, so I took a quick walk and took a few photos, both with the fancy-pants camera and again with my trusty point & shoot. I really didn’t think there’d be a huge difference.

Oh, but there was. Check out these black-eyed Susans:

Black Eyed Susans - Point & Shoot

Perfectly lovely photo of perfectly lovely flowers. This is the point & shoot.

Black Eyed Susans - DSLR

Wow! Look at the colors, and the depth of field! See how the blooms just pop!

That second photo was taken with the fancy-pants camera with the kit lens, everything set to automatic and without any post-processing (as in, no Photoshopping).

Playing with the DSLR camera for the afternoon convinced me. I’ve decided that I’d really, really like a fancy-pants camera. And while it’s not exactly in the budget right now, I think I can swing it if I sell some yarn and make a few cutbacks here and there.

You know what that means – stash sale! Stay tuned for the announcement, I’ve got lots of gorgeous yarn that would love a new home.

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  1. Dawn says:

    Yup – that’s pretty much the same camera I’ve been using. I LOVE it. I hope you’re able to save up enough to get one of your own soon!