Jelly Roll Race Quilt Top – Complete

June 8, 2011By

Yes, this is the third post about this same pattern, but in this one I’ll actually show you a quilt!

On Friday, I was so gung-ho to try this crazy method that I spent a good portion of Friday mitering an entire jelly roll into one long strip. For those that aren’t familiar, a jelly roll is a bundle of forty pieces of pre-cut fabric, measuring 2-1/2″ wide and about 44″ long. After removing the selvages and adjusting for the seams, that means that I made a strip of fabric approximately 1600 inches long.

1600 Inches of Fabric

One very long strip of fabric.

On Friday night I sat down with this mess and the stopwatch app on my iPod, and timed myself sewing it up.

Because each seam is half as long as the previous one (see this post for a visual explanation of the process), one would assume that each seam would take half as long as the previous to sew.

Not if you’re me. Here are my times:

  • Seam one (approximately 800″ – remember the strip was folded in half) – 26 minutes. Not too shabby, considering I’m a careful sewer and didn’t want to mess up the longest seam in the process.
  • Seam two (approximately 400″) – 20 minutes. I had to swap out my bobbin about halfway through. Luckily, I had one already filled.
  • Seam three (approximately 200″) – 8 minutes. Back on track!
  • Seam four (approximately 100″) – 7 minutes. I had to stop and rip open a few inches of seam that didn’t line up properly.
  • Seam five (approximately 50″) – 3-1/2 minutes! Not too bad!

Which means that in a little over an hour, I had a complete quilt top.

Jelly Roll Race Quilt

Fabric: Prayer Flag by April Cornell for Moda Fabrics
It took me longer to miter the strips together than it took to sew the finished piece!

I’m very happy with the finished product. This is a great go-to pattern for a last minute gift, as long as you also have time to sandwich, quilt and bind it.

I have one more jelly roll in my stash, but I’m forcing myself not to make another one of these quilts right away. I have a lot of other projects I need to finish up, and another challenge around the corner (more details on Friday!).

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  1. Brooke says:

    I love it! And you did this in one day?? You’re my hero.

  2. Melissa says:

    I just finished up one of these. However, I missed the step about mitering the first seams. So, my quilt ended up just having straight seams. It didn’t seem to make much of a difference. I quilted the entire thing by positioning my foot alongside the “ditch” and sewing to either side of it. I added a plain, black 4″ border all the way around and it made a fabulous Christmas gift. You can see a sample here: This is a GREAT pattern to make a fast quilt. I’m thinking of digging through my stash and making up jelly rolls of totally random fabrics just to see what they come out like. Thanks for all the tips!