Ulmus Shawlette

July 5, 2011By

Don’t you just love the word “shawlette”? Or is it just me? I knit what is technically a smaller version of a full sized shawl, hence, “shawlette.”


Pattern: Ulmus by Kirsten Kapur – smallest size  (Ravelry Link)

Yarn: The Loopy Ewe Solid Series yarn in Smoke and Teal (1 skein of each)

Started 6/15/11, Finished 6/27/11

Holy cow, was this a fast knit! Once I memorized the pattern on the main part of the shawl, it just flew. The leaf border was cleverly designed and very intuitive once I got the first few rows knit. I made the smaller size because the yarn I used was only about 220 yards per skein – most people were using 400 yards in each color, so I wanted to be sure I had enough. For this small size, I had plenty, and even had quite a bit of the smoke color leftover.

This scarf was the first project in The Loopy Ewe’s “Camp Loopy” challenge. Sheri and her crew at The Loopy Ewe have put together a fun set of knitalong projects for the summer, with a camping theme. This first project was a scarf/shawl/cape project made of two colors (check!) to “keep you warm by the fire.” Project #2 was just announced, and the project is a cabled item to keep you warm on a hike: a pair of cabled mittens, gloves or socks. I have my pattern picked out, but we’re required to wait to cast on until 7/15 (to keep things fair and even for all of the knitters). If you want to join the fun, you can find all of the Camp Loopy information here.

I will say this – the main reason I signed on for this challenge was to get my knitting mojo back! I have been spending so much time playing with fabric, I haven’t really had much desire to play with yarn. But between this scarf and the baby set I made recently, I definitely feel like a knitter again. Expect a few more knits to hit the site in the next few weeks!

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  3. Beth says:

    Love the shawlette! Its beautiful!