Green B.E.A.N. Delivery – Review and Discount Code

March 9, 2012By

I’m trying to eat more healthful foods these days – eating more often at home, trying to use more whole foods (instead of processed), that sort of thing. To supplement this new way of eating, I thought it might be good to try out some local produce options. How lucky was I that Green B.E.A.N. delivery offered to send me a free trial basket? I was very, very lucky, because I got some *amazing* veggies and fruits to try out:

Green BEAN Delivery

My box contents: Grape tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro, green beans, brussels sprouts, sweet peppers, oranges (two varieties) apples, onion, mango

A little background, first: Green B.E.A.N. Delivery is the Midwest Farmer and Artisan network. They connect local food producers with local consumers in the Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky region, through year-round local and organic food delivery. Not only do they have fruits and vegetables, they offer lots of other products – baked goods, beef, eggs, you name it!

Mr. Martini and I loved having all of this fresh produce at our fingertips this week, and it was such high quality! Admittedly, we don’t typically shop at grocery stores with high-quality produce. This was such a treat. Plus, I did a little calculating, and this is a cost-effective option for getting better produce at a decent price.

Here’s what we’ve done (or plan to do) with the produce we received:

  • Salad with the lettuce and tomatoes – some of the best lettuce we’ve had in a while
  • My favorite brussels sprouts recipe with the sprouts and the apples
  • Snacking on the apples and mangos
  • The oranges were so juicy we couldn’t resist squeezing them for fresh OJ
  • Sweet peppers in a stir fry

The only thing we can’t come up with a clever use for is the cilantro (we don’t use it much at home) or the green beans. Do you know any good green bean recipes to try? We’re planning on just steaming them unless we can come up with something more exciting.

Have you thought about trying a local produce supplier like this? Well, if you live in the Green B.E.A.N Delivery area, you’re in luck!  Use the coupon code SLbfGB for 50% off your first produce bin. (The FINE PRINT: The 50% off does not apply to any grocery items added to your first order,  and is for new members and reactivations only.)

HURRY! This coupon code is only good for the next week – get your order in soon to get the savings!

Do you subscribe to these sorts of produce bins or CSAs? How do you like them? Any tips for a newbie?

Disclaimer: As I mentioned in the first paragraph, Green B.E.A.N. Delivery did send me this sample produce bin for free. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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  1. Chris C. says:

    We’re in California and do a year-round CSA box from a local farm. Love it, too! It works best if you’re not super-picky, in our experience, since you don’t get to choose what you get — you just get whatever’s in season. At the moment, we’re sitting on an excess of winter squash and parsnips, but we’re finally starting to get our spring stuff — spinach and green onions and asparagus!

    I will say, though, that I HATE when companies like Green BEAN say that their produce is local when it’s clearly not. It may very well be local distributors, but, honestly, they’re NOT growing mangoes or oranges in the Midwest at ANY time of year. And almost everything else in that box is in season in summer, not in March, even out here in California! It just feels dishonest to me :-( (That’s not to say that I think delivery services like this are bad, I just think they ought to be more up front about what they really provide).

    • Susan says:

      Hi Chris – I know what you mean, and I almost mentioned in the post that while they do offer local food, not everything is local. I don’t know of any orange groves in Kentucky! But I appreciate that they make the distinction of offering local AND organic foods. Our hard winters mean nothing much grows during half the year, but I was reading on the website that they try to source as local as they possibly can, and supplement with high-quality organic items to maintain commercial viability. If they claimed the oranges and mangoes were local, I’d have to think twice about that! :)

    • Jim Spencer says:

      Do you think anyone from these delivery services are actually trying to claim they get local oranges and mangoes from the midwest? Thats just an unitelligent comment. I can say for certain a company like Green BEAN Delivery is 100 percent transparent with where their food comes from and its up to the customer to make the choice on which commodities they want to arrive each week. (whether it be local or organic or both) I’d suggest you do some more research before you leave comments about services that you clearly have not done any homework on, it just feels ignorant to me :(

  2. Annika says:

    We get a weekly box from a similar service–they call themselves a farmshare. We LOVE it.

    My favorite way to cook green beans is to blacken them a little. Rinse and remove the ends, then throw them in a hot cast iron pan with some olive oil. Cover and let them steam a little in the water from rinsing them, then remove the lid and let them cook over med-high heat until they are wilted and slightly blackened. Add salt and pepper.

    They’re really good with Thai curry – I buy jarred curry paste and mix a spoonful with a can of coconut milk. You can do this with the beans or use chicken or tofu and serve them together (with rice or whatever you like). BONUS: sprinkle chopped cilantro over everything.