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April 6, 2012By

I’ve had a good run with projects recently, which is great. But I have also hit a snags recently, and I figure it’s good to record the not-so-perfect projects as well. That way, I stay humble.

I kid.

Project Not Exactly Right the First: Upsized Poochie Bag

I loved the Poochie Bag I made a couple of weeks ago so much, I decided to try to upscale it to a tote size. I turned out OK, but not exactly right:

First Attempt to Upsize the Poochie Bag

The problems:

  • Strange sizing – too tall, and too narrow. It’s hard to open it up fully┬áto root around in the bottom effectively.
  • The straps are too narrow, and I didn’t place the center line correctly.
  • The pocket stitching is wonky – it’s two inches from the bottom (it’s hard to tell in this picture. Trust me, it’s wonky)
  • I added a magnetic snap, but didn’t add interfacing behind it, so it’s going to pull through the fabric in no time.

Luckily, these are all easy fixes. I can get it right on the next one. And there will be a next one, because I still need a tote bag.

Project Not Exactly Right the Second: Gathered Clutch Bag

I like carrying around a small wristlet or clutch when I’m running errands, because it’s lighter and easier to carry than a big purse. I figured I’d make a pretty one for summer, since my current one is black and winter-ish.

Not So Gathered Clutch

This is actually attempt #2 at Noodlehead’s awesome Gathered Clutch tutorial. Attempt #1 had me so frustrated – I am still Bad At Zippers, and I somehow managed to make the interior lining larger than the outside of the clutch. Please note that this is purely my fault, and not that of the extremely well-written pattern.

There are still problems with Attempt #2, however, including:

  • Not enough fabric left over to actually make the gather
  • I didn’t add pockets inside, which I desperately need
  • I must get Better At Zippers

Again, these are problems that are easily fixed. I figure the third time is the charm, right?

How about you? Worked on any projects lately that just didn’t turn out exactly right? Did you try again, or just move on?

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  1. Abby says:

    I have to laugh because sewers are always so much more critical of our own projects than others are of our projects, aren’t we? I look at your “failures” and think they look great! Love all your fabric choices too!