Peach Vanilla Bourbon Jam, Dilly Beans

July 16, 2012By

I had quite a productive canning weekend! Considering I’m still new at this canning business, I had two successes.

After a productive trip to the farmer’s market on Saturday morning, I made dilly beans. I admit that I’ve never eaten these pickled green beans before, but my twitter friends are raving about them and Marisa McClellan makes them sound so delicious in  Food in Jars I had to give them a try.


A couple of pounds of green bills, trimmed and packed into pint-sized canning jars with garlic, dill seeds and cayenne pepper.

Dilly Beans

Cover them with a vinegar/salt brine, and process them in a water bath for a few minutes. They look delicious, but I need to let them steep for about two weeks before I can try them. The wait is killing me!

On Sunday, I turned 3.5 pounds of local Indiana free stone peaches into jam. Half the batch is peach-vanilla jam, and the other half is peach-vanilla-bourbon jam. Both of them tasted AMAZING.

Peach Vanilla Jam - Stirring

Granted, it takes forever to heat up the jam on our stove, so I spent most of my time stirring. And stirring. And stirring. And stirring.

Peach Vanilla Bourbon Jam

But the final product (I had about a tablespoon left over for tasting) is DELICIOUS. See the black flecks in the picture above? That’s the fresh vanilla from a vanilla pod – what a difference it makes.

For you canning types, I found the recipe here. The only modification I made was canning half the jam without the bourbon, then adding half the bourbon and almond extract called for to the rest for the other half of the jars. This way, we have a little of both.

I’m a canning roll! Do you have any go-to canning recipes you use? Care to share?

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  1. Jacey says:

    You and I were on the same wavelength this weekend. I pickled okra and made strawberry jam with Thai herbs. Both recipes were from Canning for a New Generation, which I highly recommend!