Dipped Infinity Scarf

September 24, 2012By

I didn’t get much work done on the blanket this weekend. For whatever reason, I got an itch to finish a couple of projects that have languished in the WIP pile for ages and ages. In one weekend, I had two complete projects, the first being this Dipped Infinity Scarf:

Dipped Infinity Scarf

Here are the details:

Pattern: Dipped Infinity Scarf by Laura Chau (Ravelry project link)

Yarn: Neighborhood Fiber Company kit in pinks and purples

Mods: Probably a few unintentional ones

Now, about this scarf. You can’t really tell from the photo above, but it is a very, very long cowl. I had trouble photographing it at its full length, though, because OY did this cowl roll. It’s a stockinette based stitch, and even with the ribbing at the top and bottom it still rolled like crazy.

Luckily, it’s long enough so when I do wrap it around twice, even if it does roll, it’s still enough scarf to keep me warm:

Dipped Infinity Scarf


The stitch pattern was super easy to memorize. So easy, in fact, it became really monotonous, really quickly. Only the changing colors of the yarns kept me even remotely interested in keeping up with this project, which might explain why it was in my WIP pile for almost a year.

But! Now it’s done, and I’m ready for cooler temps. Not bad for one weekend’s work!


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  1. Annika says:

    I don’t find that ribbing does much for rolling (on a scarf or cowl, that is–it works great at the hem of a sweater). I would almost want to rip out the ribbing and just do reverse stockinette so it could roll on purpose. (Almost. I’d most likely leave it the way it is.)

    I really love the way your yarn looks with the stitch pattern!

  2. Jacey says:

    It is beautiful! Such great colors. I know a cowl like this is monotonous, as you said. But the result is fabulous!