Trapeze Shawl

November 13, 2012By

Every once in a while, I finish a project and don’t want to look at it for a while. Something about it strikes a nerve. The yarn was fussy, the pattern had errors, it was just a horrible slog. Something happens that makes me fold it neatly in a drawer and put it away when it’s done, until the bad feelingsĀ dissipate.

That’s what I had to do with this shawl:

Trapeze Shawl

But why? You’re asking. It’s a lovely shawl! And you’re absolutely right. The yarn is pretty, there are beads and lace, the shape is unusual but pleasing. But when I finished, I had to put it away. Because of this:


This is the shawl, a row and a half from completion, when I had about 800 stitches on the needles, in the middle of row of lace and beads. It was at that point that the cable on my knitting needles BROKE and I dropped about 50 stitches. Fifty stitches with lace and beads. At the time this happened, I just froze, scared to move. If my camera hadn’t been sitting next to me, there’s no way I would have taken a photo.

Eventually I recovered my senses, replaced the needles, carefully picked up the dropped stitches, and finished the shawl. But it was arduous, unpleasant, and just plain not fun. I admit that I soaked and blocked this almost immediately, and then stuck it in the closet.

As it turns out, it only took a month for the bad feelings to disappear, and now I love it again:

Trapeze Shawl

Pattern: Trapeze Shawl by Laura Nelkin (Ravelry Project Link)

Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Opaline, with gunmetal and smoky amethyst seed beads

Mods: None

This was a mystery shawl pattern, where the instructions were sent in small increments over a few weeks. First, we knit three trapezoids. Then we joined them with the triangles. Finally, we knit the border. I admit, this was a super clever pattern and I never knew exactly what to expect from week to week!

There are a lot of beads on this shawl – both triangles are filled with beads, and the ruffle also had two different colored beads working in harmony.

Trapeze Shawl

I had never worked with beads before, so this was certainly a huge bead project to undertake as my first ever. That said, I learned a few beading techniques, and I’m really thrilled with the results.

I’m glad I let this project rest, because I really like it again.

Trapeze Shawl

See? You can’t even tell where the needle broke and I dropped the stitches. And I’m not going to show you.

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  1. Annika says:

    That is a dreadful, horrible, awful, bad thing that should never, ever have happened.

  2. Annika says:

    *to you*, I meant to write “should never, ever have happened to you.”

  3. Brooke says:

    I absolutely love it and that beading detail is beautiful! I can’t believe the cable broke though. If I was in that situation I probably would 1) froze 2) cussed a lot and 3) cried. I get a little emotional when my knitting gets effed up.