Feeling Shmoopy – Thank You, Friends!

December 10, 2012By

Oh, you guys. A couple of weeks ago? It was one of those weeks. You know those weeks – you drop your hairbrush in the toilet,  you lose your favorite lipstick, your cat barfs on your clean laundry, and you run out of coffee.

And that was just what happened by 8 a.m. on MONDAY.

The question is, how do you raise your spirits and go from here:

Seriously, can this week get any worse?

To here:

OK, I can handle this.

And if you’re really lucky, to here:

I can handle anything! The world is my oyster! Whee! Go, me!

OK, maybe that last one is an exaggeration, but you get the point.

For me, what always lifts my spirits are my friends. Trading a few 140-character tweets on Twitter with my friends far and near always lifts my spirits. We trade jokes, send good thoughts, and while we can’t physically give hugs, the virtual  hugs are just as welcome.

I’m something of a hermit by nature, and I’m not one to go out and meet up with people very often. But thanks to social media, I can feel like part of a community. When I’ve had a rough day, I know there are friends who will listen. When I’ve tripped over my feet in front of a crowd of people I’m trying to impress, there are friends who will laugh with me and suggest a cocktail or post a photo of their embarrassing moments.  When I have news to celebrate (like 10,000 repins of my nail polish jewelry tutorial! Woo-hoo!) they’ll celebrate right along with me. Some of these friends are down the street, and some of them are across the country. But we all get each other, and we do our best to make each other feel heard, feel better when we need it, or just laugh with each other even it’s just a LOL on a screen.

Seriously, folks. What did we do before the internet?

So, thank you, virtual friends, for being there on your laptops and iPads and smartphones. You’re the best!

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  1. Brooke says:

    You’re the best too… but I will admit the hugs in person are the best. You give really great hugs. :)

  2. Julia says:

    To read this just felt so good. Thank you for beeing a friend!! *hugs*