Happy Valentine’s Day from Mr. Martini

February 14, 2013By

Scene: Our car, on the drive to work this morning. (Mr. Martini and I carpool to save $$ on parking and gas. Plus, it’s fun to chat during the commute as you will see here.)

Background: My Mystery Stomach Ailment has been diagnosed as a non-functioning gallbladder, which will be removed next week. Surgery was delayed a week due to my catching a beastly chest cold.

Me: (Coughing – again) Man, this is day seven of this cough. I hope it stops soon.

Him: You really do sound a lot better than you did.

Me: One thing I will say is that while the cold was at its worst, I forgot about my stomach for a few days. But it’s back to being crabby.

Him: I know you’ll feel so much better after this surgery.

Me: I hope so.

Him: I wonder if they’ll let you keep your gallbladder afterwards.

Me: I hope not! Gross!

Him: I’d kind of like to see it. Do you think they’d let me?

Me: Ew!

Him: No, really. I’ve never seen a gallbladder before, and I bet yours is really extra gross since it basically broke down and stopped working.

Me: *shakes head*

Him: What can I say, sweetie, I love every part of you.

Me: Awwww!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Brooke says:

    Hahahaha! I love that guy! But boo to having surgery! If you need anything from me, you let me know. I make excellent runs for soup and ice cream and I don’t live far away at all. ;)

  2. Julia says:

    Hahahahahaha! Best Valentine’s conversation ever! So funny and sweet.