I’m in a Book!

June 3, 2013By

I’m in a book! Well, not me specifically, but two of my photos!


This is the book,¬†Unearthed; The Landscapes of Hargreaves Associates by Karen M’Closkey. It’s an academic book about the landscape architecture of the Hargreaves Associates, who designed the London 2012 Olympics among other things. Because it’s an academic book I didn’t get any money, but I did get a free copy and my photos in print.

My Photos are in a Book!

See? The Hargreaves Associates designed Louisville’s Waterfront Park. These are two photos I took of the park before and after a flood. Believe it or not, the before picture is the flood – the after picture is how the park looked a couple of weeks later after the water receded.

Figures 105 and 106


And oh, hey, there’s my name! I’m officially a published photographer. I’m cracking up at this, because I’m absolutely an amateur, and I just happened to post a couple of photos on Flickr that the author found and asked to include in the book. So crazy. I’ve known about this for a little over a year, but didn’t want to mention it if it fell through. The book arrived on my doorstep this weekend – what a nice surprise!


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  1. Annika says:

    That is super-cool!

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